Replica styles of sunglasses are not exact reproductions of the original designer but glasses that are similar to, or facsimiles of, the original. Although there have been hundreds of OAKLEY TM styles offered over the years - not all have been made available as replica Oakley sunglasses . However, those that are available as replicas provide the original look and feel to make them popular, less expensive alternatives.

Replica designer sunglasses are inspired by the style and beauty, the originality, and expressions of masculinity - and sometimes femininity - in the designs. They have used this creativity to fabricate look-a-likes, or more commonly called, "replicas" or "inspired by" sunglasses. These glasses offer a likeness to the original for a fraction of the price yet do not infringe on patents or other protections.

Sunglasses are no different than most other items in the fashion world. An actress wears a newly designed gown to the Oscars and within days similar styles are available for those who do not want or cannot afford the price of an original. Shoes, purses, perfumes and most everything else in the fashion world usually has a less expensive, look-a-like version for those of us who want to be fashionable at a lesser price. All of these items fall under the term "replica".

SUNSET SUNGLASSES has one of the largest inventories of oakley sunglasses fake available -boasting 50 or more styles plus at least 6 styles of Polarized versions. These include many metals and half-jackets, large lens and wrap-arounds.

REPLICA OAKLEY SUNGLASSES are available in different shapes of scalloped lens styles. Some offer peripheral vision protection while all styles provide 100% UVA and UVB blockage. Many have impact resistant lens and polycarbonate lens. Some feature the "flaming design" on the arms.

The sport glasses feature a cushioned lens and the golf glasses are designed with a polycarbonate dual view zone - necessary for proper vision during your game. Many styles have similarities - but they are decidedly different and offer many perspectives for the discriminate eye. The different scalloped designs - the lens types of slim, square, rectangular, scalloped, rimless, half-frame, totally framed - coupled with many variations of arms and ears provide an endless array of choices for every taste - all at affordable prices.

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